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Brain Crash 1.0

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Brain Crash
' Your brain doesn't work right ' Did you know that your brain is not perfect? Test it now in a funny way! Absolutely for free! When you see the word 'Red' printed in Blue, something strange happens. Your brain gets two contradictory informations from two valid sources. On the one hand, the label says 'Red'. On the other hand, the color of the label says 'Blue'. This way, your brain gets confused. Your goal in Brain Crash: click on the labels which TEXT matches its COLOR. Simple, uh? Not so... Time is limited, so go quickly! The faster you are, the higher your score! But be careful, because if you click on an incorrect label you will go back 2 levels. A game for all the family. Non-violent and fun for all ages. Now it's your time. Are you a master of Brain Crash? Come on! Try it now! Absolutely for free!
Brain Crash
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